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The ownership of the majority of assets in the world (such as company shares, buildings, debt instruments etc), is still managed using signed documents written be lawyers. Digital Securities (also known as Security Tokens) promise to make the ownership of assets digital – automating legal and regulatory aspects, and eliminating the time, costs and friction associated with asset transactions.

Ownera is an institutional-grade blockchain network for digital securities, designed to be the shared rails on which a massive new digital ownership market can develop. To enable this market to be successful not just technologically, but also commercially - Ownera is architected to make sure every single asset is verified, every transaction is regulation-compliant, every transaction is instant, and there is a viable market of assets, investors and distributors in place.

Tho achieve these targets, all the nodes on Ownera are regulated financial entities (such as banks, asset managers, broker dealers and exchanges). The nodes verify the assets that go on the network, ensure regulatory compliance of all transactions, and then distribute the digital securities to their clients. Over time Ownera will become a permissionless distribution network, in the sense that new nodes will be able to join the network freely upon proving (to an external independent body) that they meet the regulatory requirements to join.

Ownera uses HyperLedger Fabric as its core blockchain technology, with one major upgrade: as part of aiming to become permissionless, and unlike most standard Fabric implementations which are “private” blockchains, Ownera extends Fabric by giving each user (“Owner”) a Global Identity which allows users to hold and transact assets across the network, and not only on their originating node.

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